Welcome to the Go Green Advertising Awards

Honoring Excellence In All Green, Eco-Friendly Advertising, Marketing & Promotions


Green, Eco-Friendly advertising is clearly one of the hottest topics in the marketing world today.  We are all concerned about the fate of our planet and we’re all doing what we can to help extend natural resources and promote a more sustainable future. Organizations and agencies have been working hard promoting everything from simple green slogans and campaigns to alternative vehicles, new energy sources and organic/non-toxic products.

The Go Green Advertising Awards program is the most exclusive national-level competition recognizing organizations and agencies for excellence in the marketing and promotion of green-themed, eco-friendly products and services.  All promotional materials and products of all things organic, energy conservation, fair trade, recycled, eco-friendly, green themed, natural and/or earth friendly products produced in the calendar year 2015 are eligible to enter.  Individual advertising projects to entire marketing campaigns, consider entering your best advertising efforts in this years competition.